Identifying Resiliency and Protective Factors of Recently Incarcerated: A Pilot Study

Stacy Womack-Henderson, a respected life coach and mentor, and Chef Jeff Henderson, a passionate and talented chef, make for an incredible team. Their inspiring journey together began while Jeff was incarcerated in federal prison and quickly evolved into the creation of a beautiful family together, including five children.

An inspirational couple married over 21 years, Jeff and Stacy are champions of change and positivity in the world by way of their deep devotion to such causes as overcoming adversity, marriage, and family. Together they encourage self-empowerment, and childhood development.

Their combined wealth of knowledge empowers individuals to achieve life-changing transformation. The Foundation is proud to have the Henderson’s as Honoree Trustees and our work with them on a pilot studyIdentifying Resiliency and Protective Factors of Recently Incarcerated.

The Foundation’s Request for Proposal finished in 2020, and we received many thoughtful proposals and truly appreciate everyone’ support of the Research and Education Foundation and this project. We are extremely excited to announce that Amy Morgan, PhD from the University of Maryland College Park has been selected for her proposal entitled, Developing a redemptive identity: a mixed methods study exploring post-incarceration resiliency.

The study overview- The majority of post-incarceration research is devoted to identifying predictors of recidivism for the nearly two-thirds (i.e., 68-77%) of individuals who return to carceral settings. Yet, far less is known about mechanisms of resilience for the approximately 17% who successfully desist. The goal of this mixed-methods pilot study is to identify internal and external resilience factors that build resilience and promote desistance among formerly incarcerated individuals. Findings from this research will serve as an important focal point for future intervention development dedicated to fostering resilience, individually and relationally, for those finding their way home after incarceration.

We appreciate Dr. Morgan’s efforts and hard work, which she put into this proposal. Our reviewers were quite impressed with her proposal and the clear commitment to the subject matter.

Learn more about Dr. Amy Morgan and her study HERE

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