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Minority Fellowship Program

The SAMHSA funded AAMFT Minority Fellowship Program brings together highly qualified MFT Doctoral Students from across the country to become part of the fellowship program. Fellows for the AAMFT MFP come from programs across the country each year. Applications for the MFP Fellowship are open to all qualified students that are interested in the fields of substance abuse and mental health services to minority and underrepresented populations. If you are interested in finding out more information on applying to the MFP please visit our Dissertation Completion Fellowship application page and Doctoral Fellowship application page.

This page outlines demographic information on MFP Fellows from 2007 to present. This page contains self-reported data based on information submitted by MFP Fellows. If you have any questions regarding the AAMFT MFP please free to contact us.

The intensity map below outlines states from which Fellows have come from for the Minority Fellowship Program:

Hover over a state for more information on the number of Fellows from each state.

Demographic Fellow Map

To get a better sense of past and current Fellows for the Minority Fellowship Program refer to the demographic map below. Select a green dot in a state to view additional demographic information on Fellows from 2007 to present.
Please click the link below for a full feature of the interactive map.

Accepted MFP Fellow Location from 2007 to Present map.

 Use the navigation icons on the map to zoom in and out to find out more information on Fellows from your state!

Gender Distribution

The chart below outlines the gender distribution of MFP Fellows from 2007 to present.

Academic Institution Distribution

MFP Fellows have represented 21 academic institutions from across the country. For information on which academic institutions Fellows from 2007 to present have come from please click here.


For information on Fellows from 2007 to present please click here.

Ethnic/Racial Distribution

The chart below outlines the ethnicity/race of MFP Fellows from 2007 to present.