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MFP Program Specialist

Start Date: May 2022
Status: Apply Now


MFP Research Consultant

Start Date: September 2022
Status: Candidate Selected

Executive Program Consultant

Start Date: September 2020
Status: Closed

Programming and Education 

2022 MFP Doctoral Training Institute
Theme:  Utilizing Research to Directly Impact Mental illness and Substance Use
Where: Arlington, VA
When: May 18-22, 2022
Description: We are searching for proposals that focus on translating research concerning mental health and or substance use into resources that directly impact marginalized or underserved populations. Proposals can focus on community-based research, using research for community workshops, and research informed products focused on mental health and substance use (social media, podcasts, training modules, psychoeducational material, interventions, apps, etc.) Email your proposals at: with the subject line " 2022 Doctoral Training Institute Proposal"
Status: Presenters Selected
Remuneration: Yes


2022 MFP Intensive Training Institute: Translation and Impact
Theme: Clinical Innovation & Direct Impact on Mental Illness and Substance Use
When: August 11 - 14, 2022
Status: In-Person
Location: TBA
Description: We are searching for proposals that focus on innovative ways marriage and family therapists use their knowledge and skills to improve mental health and decrease substance use in marginalized or underserved population.  Please send your proposals to: with the subject line "2022 All Training Institute Proposal"
Status: Accepting Proposals
Remuneration: Yes