Minority Stipends

Since 1990, cash awards have been given by the AAMFT Research and Education Foundation to up to two minority supervisors-in-training to support the recruitment, training and retention of minorities as AAMFT Approved Supervisors for the field of marriage and family therapy. Criteria: 

  1. United States and Canadian minority citizens and permanent visa residents, including, but not limited to those who are African American, Hispanic, Native American, Asian American, and Pacific Islanders;
  2. Currently enrolled in Master’s degree program or post-degree training program in marriage and family therapy accredited by the AAMFT COAMFTE;
  3. Candidate must be licensed as an MFT in their state (if there is licensure in their state), or a PhD candidate in marriage and family therapy.

The award consists of a plaque and $2,000 cash per recipient and the conference registration fee will be waived for the Annual Conference. In the case of equally meritorious applications, consideration will be given to applicants who have demonstrated active participation in an AAMFT activity. Examples, in addition to AAMFT membership, may include such activities as volunteering at a conference, being a presenter at a conference, or a poster presentation.

How to apply: In order to qualify for this award,  interested candidates must complete an online application.  

Note: The AAMFT Annual Conference registration fee will be waived for all award recipients. In order to avoid the perception of a conflict of interest, anyone who is on the AAMFT, the AAMFT Foundation, or AAMFT sponsored payroll is ineligible to be considered for an award so long as that financial relationship exists.  All award recipients must be members of AAMFT with the exception of those receiving the Excellence in Media award, and at least one author of the Outstanding Research Publication award must be a member. 

2019 Award Recipient

            Eman Tadros

Past Recipients of the Minority Stipends

  • Shiricka Fair (2016)
  • Tracy Oliver (2016)
  • John Hart (2015)
  • BreAnna Davis (2015)
  • Roberto Weiss (2014)
  • Ledy Magdalena Mena (2013)
  • Roy C. Fisher (2011)
  • Sandra S. Perry (2008)
  • Kristine M. Andrews (2007)
  • Maria Christina Guidorizzi (2006)
  • Leona Allen (2005)
  • Karen M.T. Quek (2005)
  • Geneva L. Osawe (2003)
  • Belinda Richardson (2003)
  • Eboni Jacanne Baugh (2002)
  • Michelle Richards (1999)
  • Patricia Case (1998)
  • Santos Chupina Orantes (1998)
  • Ray Ling Hou (1998)
  • David Saavedra (1997)
  • Viviana Azar (1997)
  • Kit Ng (1997)
  • Genevieve Crean (1996)
  • Shi-Jiuan Wu (1995)