Foundation Fact Sheet

Our Mission

The AAMFT Research & Education Foundation exists to fund systemic and relational research, scholarship, and education in an effort to support and enhance the practice of systemic and relational therapies; advance the health care continuum; and improve client outcomes.

Our Commitment

  • Research on best practices, practice management, and MFT community—to strengthen the practice of marriage and family therapy and support the work of clinicians, educators and researchers
  • Promote education in systemic and relational practices
  • Engage in outreach to increase awareness of the marriage and family therapy practice and profession

Our Programs

Over the past years, AAMFT Research & Education Foundation has been granting and awarding the current and next generations of MFT students, professionals, clinicians, supervisors, educators and researchers.

Key Performance Ratios
Fellow Cohort Year  2007-2014
 2015-2016  2016-2017  2017-2018  2018-2019

Minority Fellowship Program- NITT-Y 
   30  41  37  41 38 42 
Minority Fellowship Program- D & DCF       163       25   25        25    25     25 25 
Awards   2009-2020             
Dissertation Award         25                                              
Graduate Student Research Award         15                                 
Diversity Scholarship for Emerging Leaders
Minority Stipend  10                                 
Master's Thesis Award          18                                               
Outstanding Research Publication Award  4            
Distinguished Leadership Award                 
Organizational Contribution Award 5    

Minority Fellowship Program

The Foundation has received $13,861,892 from 2009-2020, in grants from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to administer the Minority Fellowship Program (MFP).

Starting in 2014, the MFP was expanded to include Master’s level students as part of the Now Is The Time: Minority Fellowship Program- Youth (NITT-MFP-Y). This new Fellowship program will offer significant financial and professional development support to Master’s level MFT students, who are interested in providing behavioral health services to racial and ethnic minority children, adolescence, youth, and individuals in transition to adulthood (16-25).


2014  2015  2016  2017  2018   2019 2020  TOTAL
 $4,154,836    $1,326,178 
 $1,355,979   $1,454,594   $1,427,373  $1,435,711  $1,327,188   $13,861,892

The MFP is SAMHSA’s premier mental health workforce development training program focused on reducing mental health disparities faced by underserved and minority communities. From 2009-2021, the MFP provided over 500 Fellowships to Fellows from across the country. These Fellows share a common vision of, and demonstrated commitment to, advancing the health and well-being of underserved minority populations through their research and service. The MFP supports these Fellows through the provision of financial support, advanced clinical and research training, professional development, and mentoring.

Your Support Matters

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Your support will help us achieve our goals and our continued commitment to our Mission. To support the Foundation, you can make a donation today here. According to IRS regulation, contributions to the AAMFT Research & Education Foundation are 100% tax deductible as a charitable contribution.